The battle of Waterloo 1815

On the 18th of June 1815, one of the most critical battles in military history was fought. In just 100 days, Napoleon had managed to assemble an army in an attempt to reclaim his throne and power over Europe. With Print Build Play's Waterloo board game, you can experience this battle first-hand, and even alter its outcome. Whether you're looking for a fun night in with friends or family, or to relive the battle of Waterloo, our game is perfect for everyone. With up to 4 players, you can command an infantry, cavalry, artillery division, or even be the commander-in-chief yourself. Experience the thrill of mass cavalry charges, cannonades, and strategize using roads, woods, and buildings. Not only is this game a great way to have fun, but it also offers an insight into Napoleonic warfare and one of the most famous battles in history: Waterloo 1815.

Take command over 100 units per side

Take command over 100 units per side and experience realistic Napoleonic-era battles like never before with our Waterloo game. Our game is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy an immersive strategy game without needing an in-depth knowledge of the era. You'll be able to easily apply tactics and benefit from an outstanding gameplay experience. Feel the responsibility over your army as you make decisions in this thrilling recreation of Napoleon Total War.

Relive the Battle of Waterloo like never before

Host an unforgettable Napoleonic gaming night with your family and friends! The Battle of Waterloo 1815 board game is available as downloadable package, featuring a battle map, units and  icons. Assemble the armies and get ready to battle – building the game is just as much fun as playing it.

Game content digital download package

● A campaign map measuring 160 x 90 cm / 62.99 x 35.43 inches
● Unit displays and icons on A4prints 
● A total of 247 units, including

  • 118 French army units
    51 British army units
    32 Dutch army units
    10 Brunswick corp units
    36 Prussian army units.
    10 generals.
    Gaming time: up to 4 hours or more.