To begin, please download DiceApp2D from the Google Play Store and install it on your mobile device. This application is free and intuitive to use. After installation, you will need to add 2 dice and click on each one to personalize them. You customize the dice by adding images that are downloadable in the icons file below, ensuring they are placed correctly as indicated for each type of dice. Once this configuration is complete, you can effortlessly roll the dice and engage in gameplay.

In the provided download, you will find three infantry icons and three artillery icons. Add these icons corresponding to each dice as demonstrated in the example below. Should you desire to intensify the damage within your gameplay, feel free to modify the allocation of these icons accordingly.

Option 2

 With just a click, you can access the virtual dice,  simply open the link on your phone, place it on the table, tap on the artillery or infantry die and roll away with ease!

Play with the sounds of musket fire, booming of canons, marching of infantry and the thunderous charges of cavalry.