Experience the thrill of the Battle of Waterloo 1815 with Print Build Play's Waterloo ready to build board game. 

Game content

The Waterloo ready to build release edition offers an extensive range of content designed to enhance your gaming experience. Here are the key components included:

● Campaign Map: Immerse yourself in the epic battles of Waterloo with a meticulously crafted campaign map. Measuring 160 x 90 cm (62.99 x 35.43 inches), this high-quality map is constructed from frontlit waterproof material that is both durable and easy to clean.

● Unit Displays and Stickers: Bring your armies to life with customizable unit displays and stickers. The unit displays, crafted in polystyrene plastic, provide a sturdy platform for showcasing your troops. Utilize the waterproof stickers to easily mark and differentiate units, ensuring clarity during gameplay. These stickers are designed to withstand prolonged use, ensuring durability throughout your gaming sessions.

● Dice: Enhance the element of chance with four specially designed dice. Each die is equipped with stickers that correspond to the game mechanics, adding an extra layer of excitement to your strategic decisions.

● Damage Icons and Timeline Icons: Keep track of the unfolding battle with the included damage icons and timeline icons. These stickers allow you to monitor unit status and track the progression of events on the battlefield, contributing to a dynamic and immersive gaming experience.

● Extensive Unit Variety: Experience the full breadth of the Waterloo conflict with a comprehensive collection of 247 units. This includes:

○ 118 French army units
○ 51 British army units
○ 32 Dutch army units
○ 10 Brunswick corps units
○ 36 Prussian army units
○ 10 Generals

Gaming time: up to 4 hours and more.